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中子星 VI

ZhongZiXing is an investment organisation. 
We were interested in this project because the client understood that the VI landscape of Chinese financial companies is about as stagnant as you can get. We were interested to explore alternatives to the plethora of red 古币 GuBi (ancient coins), which is really the only template for designing a VI of this type. 

Above is the final version along with some of the earlier concepts. 

It was a fun project for us to work on. In getting rid of the GuBi, we initially wanted to create a wordmark, potentially a hybrid Chinese/pinyin wordmark. This would be very unusual, but in the end the direction we chose was a symbol as well as a wordmark. The name ZhongZiXing means Neutron Star. This is a concept from astrophysics - an entity resembling a very dense, hot star. The name was chosen by the client to suggest weight, stability, age, reliability.
We chose to symbolize the star as something solid that has some movement; turning in on itself; some colour change to indicate its dynamic state, but also a softness to indicate it’s approachability; friendliness and trustworthiness.
A4 created the entire VI implementation, which is communicated in the Brand Identity System (BIS) manual.