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Mapping CaoChangDi

A village on the outskirts of the city, CaoChangDi has become an increasingly popular destination thanks to its many studios and galleries. Despite this, we often see visitors looking lost and bemused because of the lack of a useful map. 
Several attempts have been made, not least during Beijing Design Week, to help visitors find their way around, but these are undermined by some local factors. First of all, many of the buildings and venues change very quickly, secondly the village has no street names, only house numbers. 
We set ourselves the challenge of creating a useful map of the village using a different method. Rather than street names, we peppered our map with illustrations depicting the activities in various parts of the village. i.e. there is one square where most of the temporary food stands are located; there is one street corner that always has chickens pecking around; there is a large wedding photography studio where couples can always be seen dressed up. 

Click here to download a high-res version of the map 按此下载展区地图