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Shanghai Art Design 2016

Shanghai Art Design Exhibition 2016
Ben was invited to curate one of the halls of the 2016 Shanghai Art Design Exhibition
This is a major Biennial exhibition taking place in the West Bund Art 
Centre, covering over 5,000²
The centrepiece was a 40m wind turbine blade made from bamboo, which we transported from west Hebei. 
This formed the structure on which many of the exhibits were displayed.

Many Thanks to the exhibitors:
Jimi Tech + Kahnwind
Freshwest - Marcus Beck and Simon Macro
Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad
Sean Mackaoui
Kim Guang Nan with Nick Bonner
Dominic Wilcox
British Council
Oluwaseyi Sosanya with Sophie Zajicak
Sugru - Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh
Anne Couvert-Castéra
Pan Wang 王盼
Moritz Waldemeyer with Ingo Maurer and Team
Makey Makey - Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum
Quan Shi Fen - Beijing Xike Shushing Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Weng Xinyu 翁昕煜
Li Penghao 李鹏浩
Liu Zhizi 刘智子
Huang Weijun 黄炜俊
Laser Egg - Nick Ross
Simon Morse
Wang Chengliang 王成良
Li Naihan 李鼐含
Zhang Zhoujie 张周捷
Li Minghu 李名虎
Google - David Coz and Damian Henry
Fito Segrera