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Beijing Design Week 2014 北京设计周X草场地植入站

We had a blast organizing Beijing Design Week at CaoChangDi in 2014.
Our brilliant team of participants and visitors came from near and far to ensure that it was a packed week of events, spectacles and activities.
The idea behind the event was to make design accessible for once - to turn the famous red courtyards into a hive of activity. 
Activities included: opening ceremony; musical performances; film showings; pop-up restaurant; pop-up cafe; printing; dressing up; performance art; blacksmith demonstrations; interactive sculptures; DIY DJ party etc.

About “Plug-In Stations” 

CaoChangDi’s Plug-In Stations are temporary structures evolved from a literal interpretation of ‘plug.’ The hand that lifts/places the plug reflects our aim of including projects that involve making, doing or are in some way interactive.
CaoChangDi is not the easiest place to visit. It is comprised of many small streets and lanes which can be hard to navigate and many of the gallery buildings are functional, brutal and a little foreboding. We hope that our navigation system and brightly coloured plugs, dropped in for the duration of Design Week, made the village a more welcoming place that is easier to get around.

Thanks to all of those involved, including: 
Coletivo Amor de Madre from Sao Paolo, onedotzero from London, Modes Vu from Berlin, FFALOOX + Media Apparat from Austria, Surge Arts from Beijing; Students from Central Academy of Fine Arts who produced a show of graduation works, two interactive plug-in stations and a series of interventions in the village with local store owners; students from University of the Arts London, designers from /adjacent to CaoChangDi including IIINSITU, CaiXiaoXiao, Zhang Ruo, studio o, Signo Studio, Fodder Factory; international design-led companies including Penguin, Porter International, Pinvita, Eone; galleries who supported us with fabulous design exhibitions including Ying Space, Banboo, Chambers Fine Art, Beijing Art Now, Egg, ZhiGen Design, ZhuanZhuanHui, NanGuo CaoYi, Three Shadows, Amy Li, Galerie Urs Meile, Ink Studio, Jing, Art Mia, Ye Yun and White Space; our landlords in the red brick courtyards in CaoChangDi, UCCA; hansheng publishers; DAT; A+Cafe; Eagison; YangMeiShangYi; So Far So Good; WuRun. 

Keep it in the 村儿!! (cun-er = village).



草场地植入站的主视觉设计由“plug”这个字面意思衍生而来:利用配置好的既有组件来拼装/组装的含义。 植入站活动标示里的手则代表了参展项目的几个重要关联元素:亦即“动手做”,“手工”和“互动”等主题。 草场地是一个不容易晃悠的地方,很多道路和巷弄没有路名,容易走失;村内的画廊建筑体虽然有明确的展览 功能,但是在外观上也难免有拒人于千里之外的生冷感。我们希望借由这次的北京设计周植入站活动能为 草场地带来活泼的色彩和路引系统,让村外的参观者进场地后能游刃有余的找到活动地点并共襄盛举。