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This project is a set of prototypes for Kids’ furniture (age 3-6), comprising a chair and table fabricated from a highly versatile cardboard material, ReBoard. The material is from sustainable sources and entirely recyclable through paper waste streams. The chair is cut out from just one piece of material and contains no glue or fixings in assembly. It is a true ‘flat-pack’ design. The table top lifts up to reveal storage for books, pens and toys. The furniture graphics are provided by cult London brand Noodoll. 

这是一组为3-6岁儿童家具的原型, 利用一种高度灵活的纸板材料ReBoard制作的椅子和桌子。ReBoards属于废纸再生材料。椅子切自一块整材料, 组装时不需要任何胶水 或零件即可无接缝地DIY完成。它是一个名副其实的“平板包装”设计。桌子的内部设有储物 空间可以存放孩子的书,笔和玩具。家具的图案设计均来自英国伦敦的品牌Noodoll。