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Tiger Head Lighting Concept

This project is a collaboration with local artist Li JingGuo.
An expert in working with resin, Li helped us create a series of lighting objects incorporating ready-mades in the familiar form of the Tiger Head flashlight. Originally derived from a design of the 1900’s, these basic implements are an icon of utilitarian design and a relic of the early years of Chinese industrial output.
For this project, we re-engineered the internal components with high power LED units, reflectors and heat sinks, making them suitable for decorative and task lighting.

These concepts have been integrated into private commissions. So far we have integrated the tiger-head flashlight into desk lamps, chandeliers, feature lamps, spot lamps and pendant lamps. 

与当地艺术家李金国先生的合作是利用树脂材料,以我们熟悉的虎头牌手电筒为基础创造了一系列照明装置。虎头牌手电筒最初来自1900年的设计,这些基础的工具成为了实用主义的标志也见证了早年中国工业生产的足迹。对于这个项目,我们重新设计了的内部组件,运 用高功率的LED灯泡,反光板和散热片,使它们适合用于装饰和任务照明。