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Pop-Up Factory

The Pop-Up factory was created by A4 studios as part of Beijing Design Week 2013 and 2014. The concept is to create simple products to order within local communities, thereby cutting out the waste of storage and transport of finished goods, while being able to respond to local demands. The project was a great success as we ended up making components for several other exhibitions as well as our own range of products.


A simple 3 part construction that is assembled simply by knocking together with a mallet.
The stool is available in 3 different heights.
Design: Super Chen + A4

Jigsaw Fridge Magnet Set: 

This design is an homage to the animal jigsaw created by Enzo Mari in 1957 for Danese. We set our designers the difficult task of creating a set of interlocking fridge magnets based on the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
Design: A4 Studios

Tang Horse:
This is a kids' chair in the form of a horse. Moving the head causes the tail to swish. 
Design: Yuan Zeng

Pop-Up Factory Team: 
Ben Hughes, Super Chen, Sheng Haixin, Liu Zhuming, Wu Chenbin, Yuan Zeng.



“闪凳”- 每张凳子仅由三个木片构成,组装过程只需要用木棰敲打几下就可以完成。有三种不同高度的凳子可以选择。


Ben Hughes,陈超,吴晨玢