Alex Chien 简宁慧

Alex Chien is a consultant based in Beijing, specialising in brand and creative management. Her clients include Disney China, Shanghai Media Group, CCTV Kids/Animation, Beijing Design Week, the Swire Group, the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Arts, Universal Music, Porter International to name a few. Before setting up her own consultancy, she was Head of Brand / General Manager / VP of Creative & Content with Nickelodeon from 2004-2012, posted in Shanghai, Singapore, London and Beijing. Prior to that, she worked as executive producer and producer/director at Disney and MTV in Asia.

􇓷􁥤􀩝􀘯􀒈􀛖􁊮􇉧􇎖􀕂􁦡􁦇􇏏􇉧􀥡􀝘􈤸􀢫􇉧􇖪簡寧慧  Alex Chien 简女士目前居住北京,长年参与原创内容,活动策划及品牌顾问的协作。客户包括中国迪士尼,上海文广集团,央视少儿/动画,北京设计周,太古集团,尤伦斯创意中心,环球音乐,大业传媒等。简女士在2004-2012年期间担任维亚康姆集团尼克少儿频道的大中华区总经理,国际部品牌副总裁,创意暨内容副总裁等职位,派驻上海,新加坡,伦敦,北京等地。在此之前,简女士在亚洲迪士尼电视部门担任监制,以及MTV音乐频道的导演制作人。